Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Starting yesterday, you all know I have been drinking water only right? Well so far it has sucked! I'm constantly up and down urinating every 5 minutes seems like. I couldn't even enjoy my food cause I had nothing tasteful to swallow it down with :( Drinking water with my food makes everything taste so plain. Anyways my urine was clear like water itself! I was reading about that and according to some of these websites when your urine is clear like water, it means that your body is dehydrated and you are getting rid of the excess water.  Yesterday was a battle, I was so tempted to just take a sip of pop. I drunk 4 bottle of waters, which sucked. So far today I have only drank a half of bottle of water.  I have such a hard time of swallowing water, and plus I'm tired of pissing! Well that's all for today!!!!

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  1. It's actually good when its clear, means you're healthy.