Monday, February 27, 2012

The first Journey to Drinking Water Only, February 27

Hello. My name is Brionca Davis. Starting today I will be drinking water only for the next 30 days. In the past I have only drunken soda and juice.  I have been in the hospital numerous times from being dehydrated and kidney problems.  I want to only drink water to see if I feel my body will improve, and to see if water really does improve how our bodies function. My 30 day experience will consist of me drinking water with everything I eat, or whenever I am thirsty. It will also consist of me trying to convert myself over to drinking water in other words you could say that I am a “Soda Addict”. I will be blogging every day for the next 30 days talking about my water struggle. How my body feels and how do I feel each morning. Do I feel more alert or still sluggish? Do I feel as I improve in my studies or still the same? My goal is to be able to drink water more, so I will not be sick all the time, I want my body to improve, especially my kidneys. I want to be able to turn down juice and pop for a bottle of water.

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